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  • RelocateHelp provides a platform that brings together people moving abroad and local immigration and relocation experts.
  • Every relocation is unique. Whether you require assistance with legal formalities, finding a home, or understanding your new neighborhood, we have an expert available to assist.
  • We understand the small details of moving abroad, and our local experts can provide you with comprehensive guidance on immigration regulations, housing markets, local customs, and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RelocateHelp?

RelocateHelp is a relocation platform that connect people moving to a new country, with relocation and immigration experts that are specialists of this country.

How does RelocateHelp work?

You first answer a few questions. Then, we determine which of our partners can help you the most with your move, and we put you in contact with that company. We also send you tips for your move.

How much does RelocateHelp cost?

The RelocateHelp service is completely free. We do not charge you for connecting you with an immigration agency that fits your profile. The first consultation with them is usually free. After that, if you need more assistance, they will offer a paid support package to assist with your relocation

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